About us

Welcome to Time flies By.  We are a small family run business who specialise in capturing those precious moments in time.  We make them in to something special to keep forever.  You can choose how you want to capture that precious fingerprint or hand/foot print, drawing by your precious little one, anything you can think of!! If it's not on our website, just ask !!


So ..... who are we???


Well as i said we are a small family, i'm Karen, the hubby is Paul and the one who inspired me to start this business is my little girl, Lilly, who is 3 years old.  It all started when I was given a necklace with Lillys' fingerprint.  It was soooo special to me!!! When I went back to work after maternity leave, I would find myself holding the fingerprint just to feel close to my gorgeous little girl.  It made me feel that little bit more connected to her.  I want to provide that for others, be it a mum returning to work or a grandparent who would love a little memento of their grandchild - this is the feeling that motivates me.


I want to offer as much variety as possible too, so please as we build this business, feel free to make suggestions, ask us for anything you would like!!


I am currently a member of The Keepsake Academy and have been training with Victoria Casebourne, founder of The Keepsake Co. As part of the academy I have access to the best supplier information so that I can bring you the highest quality materials and products.